Candy Sale !!!

Fall Candy Sale

Linda's Lollipop Tree
This tree of delicious gourmet lollipops is sure to be a winner. Treat them at the office, or that special party gift. This mouth watering gift includes 96 pop's and an array of favorite flavors. Flavors include: Watermelon, Pina Colada, Green Apple, Banana Creme Pie, Raspberry, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Rootbeer Float, Wild Cherry, Cotton Candy, Blue Berry, & many more.
Linda's Lollipop Tree llpop
Apple Cinnamon Gumballs
Sold in 1 pound Bags...Apple Cinnamon Gumballs by Oak Leaf Confections These gumballs are 1 inch in diameter. Approx. 52 gumballs in a pound.
Apple Cinnamon Gumballs 03999
Linda's Lollipop Gourmet Gift Boxes
Linda's Lollipop Gourmet Gift Boxes LL
Trolli Gummi Dinosaurs (5lbs.)
Trolli Gummi Dinosaurs (5lbs.) Product made by Trolli...
Trolli Gummi Dinosaurs (5lbs.) GD